Why I Love Visiting Lisbon, Portugal

EXPLORING LISBON PORTUGAL (AGAIN!) For the fourth time! Why do i keep coming back to Lisbon? Find out! Portuguese Food, Shopping and culture! Jaycation returns to Lisboa for the fourth time to explore parts of the city he loves and parts of the city that he has never seen! Find out the best way to get to Lisbon’s city center from the airport and discover some parts of Lisbon which Jaycation has never seen! We visit the Rato neighborhood for an amazing Portuguese Food Lunch Special! Jaycation is also joined by friends and fellow Travel Vloggers The Traveling Clatt and Steve Yalo!

Join us for a fun and amazing time around LISBON!

#lisbon #lisboa #lisbontravelguide

Why do you love Lisbon? Comment Below! Planning to visit for the first time and have questions? LET ME KNOW! Please Like and Subscribe!


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