Resorts World Las Vegas Filipino Food!

Filipino Food at Resorts World Las Vegas at Famous Foods Street Foods – Pepita’s Kitchen by Lechon Diva – a product of the Philippines!

Jaycation visits the Famous Foods Street Foods Hall at the Resorts World in Las Vegas on their first day of business and tries out Pepita’s Kitchen by Dedet Santos de la Fuente aka Lechon Diva! We try out their Lechon and Truffle Rice along with their Sisig Panini!

We are also joined by @Norma Geli & @DanVsWorld to try out some Filipino Food!

Visit Pepita’s Kitchen by Lechon Diva

The fact that Resorts World Las Vegas has a Filipino Food Stall means a whole lot! Lets check it out! MABUHAY FILIPINAS!

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