Where to find the BEST Filipino Food in Las Vegas? We try Full House BBQ in Southeast Las Vegas for some Filipino Fusion Food with Norma Geli and @DanVsWorld


Filipino food with a twist! We try Birria Sisig Tacos with a mexican and filipino fusion as well as lechon fries, a pork sisig plate, mango and melon juice and a flaming halo-halo dessert!

With a huge population of Filipinos residing in Las Vegas, there are many Filipino Restaurants around the city but Full House BBQ is the most unique of them all! Chef Alex comes up with innovative and creative ways to make Filipino Fusion cuisine compelling and delicious!

Be sure to check out Full House BBQ when in Las Vegas! What’s your favorite Filipino Food? COMMENT BELOW!

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Best Filipino Food in Las Vegas Chapter List:
0:00- Intro
1:29- Mango and Melon Juice
2:25- Lechon Fries
5:18- Sizzling Pork Sisig
7:30- Birria Sisig Tacos
8:54- Lechon Kawali
9:20- Chef Alex Interview
13:03- Flaming Halo-Halo
18:16- Blooper/Outtakes

Visit Full House BBQ
Full House BBQ Las Vegas 9890 S Maryland Pkwy unit d19, Las Vegas
IG: @fullhousebbqlv

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