BEST Filipino Food in Mira Mesa | San Diego, CA Food Guide

Discover the Filipino Community of Mira Mesa in San Diego! With a large Filipino Population, “Manila Mesa” is home to many Pinoys in California!

Jaycation comes HOME! Since the age of 4 Jay Jay has lived in the Filipino Populated Mira Mesa. With many Filipinos serving in the military and the Miramar Military Base being next door as well as hospitals around San Diego with a ton of Filipino nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists, Mira Mesa is known to be a large Filipino based community!

In this video we explore all the small business spots in Mira Mesa and check out the best Filipino Food in San Diego!

The is also a very POPULAR Filipino-Mexican Food Spot called Sayulitas in Mira Mesa with awesome Fusion Burritos. We also visit Seafood City, a Filipino Food Market, Filipino Bakeries and other great Filipino Restaurants in San Diego! There is also a Filipino School!!

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Places visited in Mira Mesa
Manila Sunset

Jhig’s Hair Studio

The Filipino School

Valerio’s Bakery

Seafood City

Cafe 86

Manila Fast Food and Desserts


PNB Remit

Gemmae Bake Shop

Sayulita’s Mexican Food

Jollibee Mira Mesa

Max’s Restaurant

Nanay’s Best BBQ

R & B Filipino Food


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