Expat Living in Barcelona, Spain During the Pandemic

What is life like for an Expat Living in Barcelona during the COVID-19 Pandemic? We interview Adrian Molina, Owner of Eye on Food Tours.

Since Jaycation can’t physically be in Barcelona, Spain during the pandemic, we’ve decided to bring the people of Barcelona to the channel via the internet! I know a lot of subscribers come to Jaycation for Barcelona content so I decided to start this “Barcelona Chat Series.”

In this episode we talk to Adrian Molina, Owner of Eye on Food Tours and talk about his experience living in Barcelona through COVID-19. We dig into how the city is currently and talk about what he did during the lockdown.

We also talk about great spots to eat around Barcelona and what he likes most about living there full-time!

Make sure to follow Eye On Food Tours and join one of their tours on your next visit!

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