Day Trip to Bruges, Belgium – What to do in Bruges Travel Guide

Take a Day Trip to Bruges, Belgium and explore this romantic city’s canals, flemish food, belgian chocolate and beautiful buildings. Jaycation visits Bruges, one of his “bucket list” destinations. We visit the famous Markt and head over to the Basilica to the Holy Blood towards the canals. Tour around the Fish Market and have some Belgian Fries and Belgian Chocolates! As we stroll along this beautiful city we come across the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and St. Bonifacius Bridge a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there we take a walk past a 14th century hospital St. Johns then have some chocolate at Chocolatier Dumon! Finally we have some Belgian Zot and then head to dinner for some Flemish Food. Steamed Mussel Pots, Fries and Beef Stew! Are you planning a trip to Bruges, Belgium? Comment below!


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