Filipino Boodle Fight in Paris, France

Epic BOODLE FIGHT in PARIS! – Private Filipino Kamayan Feast in France with Filipina Chef Erica Paredes. Jaycation celebrates his Dad’s birthday with the ULTIMATE PRIVATE DINNER! Boodle Fights are common in the Philippines but did you know you can have one in Paris, France?! We head over to Chef Erica Paredes, a Filipina Chef who studied in France at the prestigious Le Courdon Bleu Paris Cooking School. Chef Erica puts in her unique twist of French and Filipino cooking to the Boodle Fight with a different take on Sinagang sauce and a mix of different flavors with various types of pork, chicken, fish, rice and vegetables presented beautifully around the long dinner table. Find out Chef Erica’s inspiration behind her Private Boodle Fights and also find out a few Paris Travel Tips from a local! This is a food video on Jaycation that you will not want to miss!


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