24 HOURS in LONDON ENGLAND | Travel Tips + City Guide

Many tourists that travel to Europe fly into London, England because it’s a huge Hub for airlines. A lot of travelers only have a day or so to tour the city & get overwhelmed with things to do!

This video is Jaycation’s freestyle take of exploring London while not spending tons of pounds on tickets and tours. I was nearing the end of a 3 week span on the road and I was extremely tired. But even though this was my 4th time in London, I never got a chance to make a really film this city so I buckled down and did the best I could!

Visit tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Green Park, Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye.

Roam around the weird and unique streets of Camden Market and hit the tube over to Oxford Circus and go shopping at Nike, H&M and Top Shop!

The end is of this winter trip is near and I am headed back home to Barcelona.

Stay tuned for brand new Filicanish Vlogs!

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