In search of a Barber in Barcelona, Spain| Filicanish Haircut Vlog Novela Numero Catorce

My biggest fear in moving to Barcelona, Spain was finding a decent barber to cut my hair! For the last 8 years, I trusted only one man with my hair and this is Hiep back in San Diego.

In this vlog we flashback to my last day in San Diego and my final haircut before I move to Spain. I hang out with my best friends before I leave and spend my final moments in the place that means most to me!

Before all that, my roommate Sannie Jun and I get on our Electric Skateboard and Electric Scooter and venture around the El Born area in Barcelona amidst a freak thunderstorm!

#Filicanish #Vlog #Jaycation #Barcelona #Spain #Haircut #Barber #Filipino #American #Spanish #San Diego #USA #Travel

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