My 1st Day of School as a Teacher in Sant Cugat, Spain | Filicanish Vlog Novela Numero Diez

After two months off between jobs, it’s my first day back at work at a new job. I’m half way across the world from San Diego in Barcelona, Spain starting my new career as an English Teacher.

We travel on the train 30 minutes up to Sant Cugat where I start my first day of School at Ciutat D’Alba teaching kids English at this Elementary School.

A little worried, because I had no communication with my Coordinator, I went to the school not knowing what to expect. It turns out everything was fine and I find it very rewarding to teach kids a foreign language!

After school is out, I head over to the famous Sagrada Familia where I meet up my friend Patrick. We take some pics, head to lunch and things start to make a turn for the worst.

I end up with food poisoning later that night and the vlog does down with me!

Before that, we make it up to Parc Güell for some of the most beautiful views in all of Barcelona. We meet an old friend at the top of the Parc and explore this beautiful parc on top of a hill which was designed by Antoni Gaudi!

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