Spain’s Largest Ikea sells Beer! + Longboard POWER BOOST! | Filicanish Vlog Novela Numero Siete

Apparently I didn’t read the instruction manual to my Yuneec E-Go 2 Electric Longboard. Apparently I goes faster… WAY FASTER!

Have you ever heard of the Tortoise and the Rabbit? Well up until this vlog my Longboard was set to the Tortoise! Once I flipped the switch to Rabbit, the longboard instantly had more POWER & SPEED! I felt like Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2 on his hoverboard!

I head over to Spain’s Largest Ikea to go shopping for my new room and discover that food is dirt cheap and they serve BEER! Ikea serves beer?!

Flashback a day to the start of my move and grab some sushi with the Airbnb boys! Barcelona is AWESOME!

#Filicanish #Sabadell #Spain #Spanish #Catalan #Filipino #USA #Yuneec #Ikea

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