I Know How To Cook! | Barberà del Vallès, Spain | Filicanish Numero Cuatro

Did you all know that I can cook?! haha well jokes on you, I don’t! But I know how to heat food up! Join me in the town of Barberà del Vallès as I explore the small city just outside of Barcelona. I go grocery shopping, eat a Lomo Bocadillo and Longboard around the main part of town! Then I try my hand at cooking. The next day I travel to Sant Cugat to my school via two trains and meet my coordinator. From there it’s back to Barcelona I go to Apartment hunt.

I have Filipino Food for lunch at Danny’s house and relax for the day. Will I finally make my way to KFC? I’ve been craving fried chicken since I got here!

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One thought on “I Know How To Cook! | Barberà del Vallès, Spain | Filicanish Numero Cuatro

  1. Good job, Jayjay! An adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing these exciting experiences of your life’s journey. The adjustment period is the hardest that makes you second guess your decision, from being pampered to doing all things by yourself, loneliness kicks in at most times when you have an empty stomach, from experience when I got lazy going out to get food. This blog of yours makes me look back my younger yrs of assignment to different places in the USA, my migration, much easier for me coz I speak English. I get by with a lot of body language.. hehe..
    Stay safe and healthy, worst thing is when you get sick and no one to care for you… Saddest moment of mine, just so lucky to have good friends when dark clouds comes hanging around.. And prayers keeps me sane ’till this day!
    Love what you do, at the end it’s all good!


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