Line Con! | Camping Out for Game of Thrones Meet & Greet | SD Comic-Con Vlog

Do you have what it takes to get that one autograph you’ve always wanted at Comic-Con? Have you ever wanted to meet the cast of your favorite TV show that you would camp out overnight just to see them? Well, we did! Watch me and the crew camp out for the chance not even a guarantee at meeting the cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones! 16 hours of our lives that we will never get back just to meet HODOR, Bran Stark, Sansa Stark, Ramsay Bolton, The Waif, Varys, Sir Davos, Missandei and Sawmill Tarly… Will we get it? You’ll just have to watch and see!

Also follow along as we dine at San Diego’s best burger joint, Hodad’s and have some Grilled Cheese from a food truck at the Conival!

Will we Hold Da Door and get the autograph we oh so been seeking at San Diego Comic-Con 2016?

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Misc References:
Triangle Green Screen Transition by Gabrielle Marie

Song Reference:
Artist: Mapps
Song: Cinders


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