Travel Guide to Melbourne, Australia | St. Kilda Penguins + Lygon Street + Graffiti Lanes

Picture a diverse mix of cultures, Coffee, Asian Food and Shopping. Sounds like the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia! Follow Jay Jay through the lanes of Graffiti walls and eat, drink and eat again all over town! Also hop a ride over to St. Kilda, grab some local beers and watch the St. Kilda penguins swim in at sunset. Then head over to Lygon Street a famous Italian part of town for some pasta. Feeling a bit tired? Grab coffee and boba at smaller mom & pop shops all over town! G’day!!

Jay Jay’s Social Media:
Blog: or
Twitter: @Jaydaheat
Snapchat/Instagram: jaydaheat

Misc References:
Triangle Green Screen Transition by Gabrielle Marie


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