Coogee, Bondi & Manly Beach | Travel Guide to Sydney Beaches

Sydney may have the most beautiful Harbour in the entire planet but it’s beaches are just as incredible! Walk with Jay Jay & friends as they hike along Sydney’s coast from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. Relax over beachfront dining at Bondi Icebergs and get a tan! Follow Jay Jay as he tries out Sydney’s wide array of food culture from Chinese, German to Pancakes! Hop a ferry over to Manly Beach and enjoy a more upscale relaxed vibe along the water and home of the Australian Open Surf Competition. G’day Jaycationers!!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Manly Beach! G’day Jaycationers. Today we’re going on a nice hike from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. Then hopping a ferry over to Manly Beach.  So we’re out here enjoying a really nice sunny day with some scattered clouds. I’m keen to check out the beach today Mate! It’s around 9 o’clock in the morning so it’s still early here and there’s a lot to do today. Kellie and Phil are going to pick me up, we’re gonna go around town, see the sights, maybe see a beach or two. Kel and Phil (Hey!) (Hi! Welcome to Sydney!) Day 2. We’re in Sydney! They sneak up and the pick the rubbish out of the bins so they are a bit of a pest.  This is obviously prime position on New Year’s Eve.  (Oh yeah! Are people camped out over here?) You have to pay for it. (You do?) It’s ticketed. Yeah.  What park are we at Kel? (This is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney) Nice! (Yeah) And we’re taking a nice walk and you get both the bridge and the Sydney Harbour. (Yeah, it doesn’t get better) The Sydney Opera House. (Next stop is Bondi) Bondi Beach! Yes! (Yay!) Get your sunblock ready.  (That’s it) Make sure you’re equipped with all your hiking essentials.  Bring a water bottle and fill up along the way.  It’s a test match they call, it’s a testament of your endurance really. I mean it’s a slow-paced game but you sort of got to get the whole team out and try to get them out two times over.  (These guys stand out here all day?) Stand out here all day, they’ll have sort of a tea break, lunch break type thing.  (Tea and Cricket.) Tea and Cricket.  (Nice! Ahh good one!) Am I supposed to hit it higher? So we’re here at Coogee Beach.  What’s up? (Hello, Hey!) We’re a trying to figure out what’s going on behind us.  (it could be a shark attack.) A lot of people, a yeah it could be a shark attack.  That’s why you don’t go in the water Jay Jay.  Just stand out and get the breeze.  We’re here at Coogee Beach, checking out this pool with the waves crashing in.  Hanging out by the railing, me and Phil aren’t going in the water (No, no.) We don’t do water. We have the shades on, order pints, chill under and umbrella.  (That’s it.)  That’s how people get hurt. (I know) Get slammed up against the rocks. So this is our native sea life.    We have the Blue Bottles, they sting you or the sting ray which will kill you like Steve Irwin.  (Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s done.) Yeah.  (So note to people, be careful) Be very cafeful when in Sydney, Australia waters. If I we’re to get into the water, I would get into that. Because that gives me zero percent of getting stung and I don’t care if it’s a kiddie pool.  In there, no, nope. Maybe on the shore.  (Maybe on the shore.)  Cemetery by the beach.    We’re in between Clovelly and Tamarama beach still on our walk.  Like I said before, make sure you have hiking shoes and tons of sun block.  Take a stroll around Tamarama Beach and you just might run into someone famous.  So we’re walking towards Bondi Beach.  So we’re hanging out over here at Icebergs.  (Hey!) Right behind us is a great view of Bondi Beach. (There you go.)  The locals hang out here at the pool. We’re about to eat. We got some Mussels. We got some steak. We got some Salad and the Fish and Chips.  (Thank you Jay Jay!) No, Thank you for all the hospitality.  Phil says to try the Barramundi Fish.  It was fantastic.  Here everybody’s laying out, it’s a great time here in Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Australia.  So check it out guys, we in Australia! Boom!  Had dinner here at Mr. Wong.  It’s a Chinese Restaurant, pretty classy one in a non-conspicuous corner here in Sydney. I sat down and had the Steamed Dim Sum Platter for a pricey $32 dollars.  Had some good Sauvignon Wine.  So let’s fuel up, let’s hit up Pancakes on the Rocks for some Coffee and some pancakes.  So we just had a great breakfast here at Pancakes on the Rocks.  We’re going to head over to Manly Beach, grab some grub, go a little shoppin’, get a little tan.  So we’re headed to Manly Beach via the fast ferry.  We are here at Manly Wharf.  Going to walk over towards the beach, check it out. Blue skies are starting to show up so it looks good.  It’s about a 20 minute ride from Circular Key.  Not Quay. Welcome to Manly Beach!  What’s up? So we’re here at Manly Beach.  Met up Anthony, he had a Charger hat on.  (Encinitas, California.) Encinitas is in the house and Mira Mesa within ten miles apart half way around the world.  Checking out the surf. (Surf’s up!)  How’s it going man?  (Doing well, doing well, last leg of the trip, one more day, got to make the best of it.) See we’re reppin our Bolts hard half way across the world so it’s all good! (Bolt Up!) Bolt up.  Alright Jaycationers we are here at Manly Beach it is like the La Jolla, California of Australia, of Sydney.  It’s a really cool sunny day. They’ve got some Volleyball courts here, a lot of people surfing, I don’t see too much guys swimming in the water.  People laying out, a nice promenade where you can go shopping, have food, have drinks. Bondi, looks like it’s got bigger waves but this place looks like it’s got decent ones too.  Alright man, what’s your name? (Tom.)  Tom, what’s up man? (What’s up? You speak some Deutsche?) A little bit! The only German, that I know is “    Untem, gliben, glaussen, glauben.” Pretty Fly for a White Guy.  What, what’s the name of this truck? (Berlin Bangers baby! Berlin Bangers.) Berlin Bangers.  It says that you guys are award winning.  (Award winning sausages. Yeah.) Nice!  (Manly Beach, the Australian Open surf competition enjoying the lovely weather, chillin here with Jay Jay, eating a sausage, that’s that’s how we do it here.) Nice, what’s you’re a number one seller here? (Number one seller here, I would say is the double, double smoked pork Kransky.) Oh nice! (With homemade sauerkraut and some crispy onions.) That looks really good.      


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