Travel Guide to Gold Coast | Jaycation Vlog in Queensland, Australia

The sun shines SO bright on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia! Dive into the water, catch some gnarly waves and go surfing in a Surfer’s Paradise! Take a trip with Jay Jay to the beautiful East Coast of OZ where his friend’s Victor and Kristyna take him fishing and around this city with a skyline along the coast! Check out some Italian food at Vapiano, enjoy the scenic views at Skypoint, go for a walk on the beach and watch Jay Jay almost get crushed by a wave! There’s tons of fun and sun at the Gold Coast so hang ten Mates!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Surfer’s Paradise! So we just got off the bus at the train station.  It was about 20 minutes from the train station.  We are in Gold Coast.  Going to the Airbnb, and a gonna check-in, drop my bags, relax for a little bit and check out the Gold Coast.  Sup guys, I’m here with my homey, Victor.  Where we headed man? (To the Spit on the Gold Coast) He’s got a fishing pole in the back, gonna show me around, show us how they do it here in Gold Coast.  I’m not used to these cars yet, look he’s over on the right side and I’m on the left.  Parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed at the Spit.  Usually I come here in the low tide.  And I try to look for bait fish, you see them hanging around and you go there and cast my lures and see what’s happens.  Do you throw them back in or you? Most of the time I throw them back.  I’m a good fisherman. Nice man! You fish a lot back in Brazil? Yeah, I fish a lot there but here is much better.  So there at the end, there’s the little light for the boats and everything. (the lighthouse and all that)  The lights and we call it Spit.  Good fishing spot as well, a little bit rough sometimes.  (Uh huh) And on the right side is the Spit by the beach.  So depends where the wind’s blowing, it’s pretty good surf as well.  Do surfer’s go around on that side? Yeah so that side, is what we call “Straddy”  (Look at those waves up there)  Stradbroke Island.  That’s the South part, it goes pretty long on to the other side the North part.  Today because the wind is blowing that side, they’re pretty good.  The big buildings is Surfer’s Paradise, the end of the building would be Broadbeach.  After fishing at the Spit, Victor took me on a drive down the coast to Narrowneck Beach which has a unique artificial reef.  The name of this beach is Narrowneck.  These waves here, there’s artificial reef, so it’s bags of sand from the bottom of the sea to hold the big waves to come and stop from destroying the beach.  This is Budd’s Beach.  This is Surfer’s Paradise suburb, but it’s nicer. It’s pretty popular on the weekends so families go out here, some picnics, the kids, park the boats near the water, it’s really nice.  BATMAN! If you’re driving in from Brisbane, you’re almost guaranteed to run into some traffic on Chevron Island.  We’re at the Main Strip, With Victor and Tomas. (Yeah!) We’re about to grab some dinner, get some grub! Vapiano! (Vapiano)  Time for dinner with the boys at Vapiano Italian Restaurant.  (He’s from California) You’re from California? (Yeah man! Visiting for a couple days.) A couple days here? (Yeah.) That’s good man.  (Never been to Australia man, first time here.) First time? Ordering is simple. You start off with an empty pan, pick the sauce that you like, add the pasta that you want and they cook it right in front of you.  (My Dad went to Europe, and his favorite was Tagilatelle Bolognese.) Pops got some Tagliatelle Bolognese so he’s happy.  (Everywhere we went, he ordered it even if it wasn’t the Special.) What’s up last night in Nice, Maddy;s got take two on Tagliatelle Bolognese.  It’s so good man, Tagliatelle Bolognese.  (Yeah! I love it!) Bon-a-petite!     Alright, so we just ate at Vapiano.  Here with Victor and Tomas, Sup Guys! (Can’t fit anything else in) Couldn’t fit anything else man. Huge portions. This guy manages one of them.  Over in Brisbane. Good Stuff man. (Oh Yeah.) This guy was starving. (Yeah for about an hour) Now we’re gonna check Surfer’s Paradise.   (Let’s do it!)  Me and Victor at the Surfer’s Paradise sign.  Crossing the street, hitting up the beach.  Rewind and Slow Mo.  She was totally checking me out.  Right guys? Right?!  I hope I got them on camera.  What’s up Snapchat? We’re here in the Gold Coast, hanging out. Nice sunny morning, check out the view from the Balcony. Alright Jaycationers, So we are out here in Gold Coast, roaming around. Gonna check out Surfer’s Paradise and grab some souvenirs.   Here it is, Starbucks Coffee.  What else is new? Let’s go check out and see the mug. The Gold Coast mug.  We ate last night over at Vapiano’s which is right there to my right.  It’s really good. Really good Italian food.  They cook it right in front of you and you get seated , it’s a pretty cool theme.  Right behind me is the Surfer’s Paradise sign.  The beach right now is closed so there’s no surfer’s actually surfing in Surfer’s Paradise. So I’ve been told that Surfer’s Paradise really actually isn’t a Surfer’s Paradise per say.  The waves might be nice and great but Local surfer’s actually flock to different parts of town and different beaches to get better waves. There are no zoning laws and they can build as high as they wanted to hence the city by the water which is crazy because you don’t see skylines and skyrises right in front of a perfect beach but waves here are great, buildings are nice  and the Gold Coast has a lot of sunshine.  So down in the distance is Broadbeach and Burleigh Head and they’re quieter cities. Uhh ohh… HA! That was a close one, I better go before mother nature knocks out my brand new camera equipment.  So we’re here at Surfer’s Paradise sitting at the Game of Thrones like chair.  Hanging out, right behind me is the beach, all the shops, cafes, restaurants and bars are right here.  Hey Jaycationers, I’m here with Kristyna.  (Hello)  Kristyna is now a local here at the Gold Coast. She’s from the Czech Republic and she’s nice enough to show me around here at the beach.  Where we at? (We are on the beach, at the Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, it’s a beautiful day, beautiful waves, have a look.)  Awesome! (So, I’m gonna show Jay around.  Ice cream sounds good.) Nice, she made some ice cream back at the at the apartment. (It’s Nutella) So it should be nice. Victor was kind enough to show us around yesterday and she’s showing me around today. For me to check out the Skytower? What is it called? (Yeah, the Q1, it’s the Skypoint level 77, beautiful view, you see it over there? Right there.) My favorite thing about Gold Coast is the beach.  The weather. It’s probably like 350 sunny days a year.  It’s amazing, every day is a holiday.  They have some nice local restaurants.  So you have options. You can go to basically anywhere in the world because all of the restaurants are from different countries.  And I really like the people because everyone here is happy. You have beautiful weather so you just go out and make friends. I think it’s nice, yeah.  Go to Currumbin it’s a Australian Zoo where you can cuddle Koalas and Kangaroos, it’s pretty cool.  Visit the beaches, beautiful spots for surfing.  And probably some lookouts. There’s lots of National Parks where you can see waterfalls, the old forests.  So yeah, it’s different, you have the range to chose from. It’s pretty.  Where we headed?  Uh boost. It’s a one of the best stores with the fresh juices.  It’s all over Australia, it’s perfect. (Nice!)  So we’ll get something with Mango. (Mango is my favorite!) Thanks for the Boost smoothie.  (Cheers!)  Got some mango, (passion fruit) passion fruit.  (Green tea) Good stuff.  It’s like the Jamba Juice and Robek’s Juice of America but in Australia.  There’s Kristyna putting the finishing touches.  Kristyna just made, ice cream.  Made from Nutella, it is vanilla yogurt and Nutella and that’s it.  (Looks good) It does doesn’t it? Kristyna is off to work and I’m off to SkyPoint. This is a nice climb, We’re gonna go check it out and gonna go to the observation deck.  Up top the SkyPoint Observation Deck looking out towards Burleigh Head and Coolangatta.  This is the other side of the Gold Coast.  We’re here at SkyPoint Observation Deck checking out the Gold Coast skyline. It’s still bright outside.  Nice day, it was $25 Australian Dollars, but if you got a student card it’s $15 Australian Dollars.  I forgot my student card this time around, I’m an idiot but if you bring it you get 15 bucks so bring your student card.  I don’t know why I forgot mine.  Think Jay Jay, Think.  Sup Jaycationers, we’re here at the SkyPoint Observation Deck. Check it out the Gold Coast!  Alright, so we’re leaving Gold Coast, it’s about 5:30 in the morning. Headed over to the tram, catch a bus over to the airport. I guess the airport here in Gold Coast is actually in Coolangatta which is almost an hour trek away so we got to get over there.  But  I wanted to do a special thanks to Kristyna and Victor so showing me some good hospitality and showing me around the Gold Coast. I appreciate it. So from Surfer’s Paradise to the Gold Coast Airport you can just buy a single Translink ticket. It is about $8.50 Aussie money so  it’ll take about an hour to get there. Make sure you allow yourself some time.  It’s wheels up Mate! Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! See you in Sydney, Jaycationers! We’re hanging here at Sydney Harbour.  We’re with Kellie and Phil! (Hello!) The Harbour Bridge looks beautiful from here. What park are we at Kel? This is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney.


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