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Hey Jaycationers! We’ve touched down in the land down under, Australia. Our first stop, the biggest city in Queensland, Brisbane. Roam around this city of bridges to the South Bank, one of the most beautiful and lively areas in town. Go shopping at the Queen Street Mall & take your pick at Australian Beers. We’ll head over to Streets Beach, have dinner at Zeus Brisbane and catch a futbol match at a British Pub called the Pig N’ Whistle. Looking for a place to stay, take a tour of YHA Brisbane City, a modern hostel with a great city view!

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Video Transcript:

So What’s up Jaycationers, we’re here in Brisbane.  Just stepped foot in Brisbane, here in Australia. The flight was smooth. Just under 9 hours. Didn’t have anybody sitting right behind me and to the side of me so the seat all to myself and was able to relax.  Now we’re in Australia, about to go through immigration, filled out the card, grab my bag and head over to Brisbane. That seriously was the easiest customs and immigration that I have ever gone through.  Everything was automated they didn’t even ask any questions.  Got my bag, smooth sailing so far. Now it’s time to find an Airtrain. We’re here at the Airtrain Station. It was $17.50 AUD for a single one way ticket to Brisbane City. If you book online, you save about $2.50. I just chose not to do it because I did not know what type of transportation I wanted to take so we’ll see you on the ride there.  We’re on the Airtrain on the way to Brisbane City.  The exit is Roma Street Station.  Drop my bags off, change and go hang out.  So walking to the hostel, it is only about a quarter of a mile from the train station.  Trust the Google Maps you go download the offline maps of the city, it saves it on the computer and you can find your way around through the GPS.  Really helps out.  First things first, we’re here in my room, 6 bed dorm. I got the top bunk on the very end.  They got pretty big lockers. This is my locker.  Definitely fit my luggage in there and that’s my bed, reading light.  And in the inside there’s a charger, I brought the converter and those extensions. There was my hostel room, going to go upstairs and check out some wifi.   Right behind me is downtown Brisbane.  Walking on the bridge on the South Bank of the River.  Going to go check out that beach that’s on the river, the man-made beach that’s on the river.  We’re on the South Bank of the River, trying to find some food and check out some beaches.  So this area right here is called Streets Beach.  It looks like it’s open to the public. A lot of people just hanging out getting some sunbathing in, kids playing in the water. It’s nice and warm here with the river breeze and then you got this man-made beach.  It’s a really cool area to hang out and spend the day, get a nice tan, just like this.  So we’re here at Zeus, I had the Uncle Tzimmy Lamb.  First meal here in Australia, here in Brisbane and I choose Greek food. I got the Uncle Tzimmy Lamb Pita. It’s got the Tzatziki in it, you’d think we’re in Greece right now but yelp said 4 stars, looks good, got a lightning bolt right up here. Check this out, right after this manmade beach there’s a little rain forest walk. Let’s take a walk around the rain forest.  This is awesome that there’s like a city like right to our right on the other side of the river.  So we’re out here hanging out at the Rain Forest area right next to a Ferris wheel in Brisbane.  A Nepalese Pagoda.  We’re here at the Queens Street Mall area.  Past the river, picking up some Starbucks mugs.  Just grabbed some Souvenirs, got a magnet and shot glass for my souvenir collection.  Jay Jay’s! Starbucks, let’s go grab our mugs and check it out.  Another year of the Starbucks mug search.  It’s about 7:30pm. I’m about to hit a wall but I’ve got to stay up because I can’t let this Jetlag beat me.  I got to BEAT IT! So I’m still walking around, just pumped some Starbucks in me, go back to the hostel maybe have a few beers.  So we’re upstairs at the rooftop area.  It’s only 5:30am in the morning but the sun’s out.  Checking out the pool, no one is really out here yet.  A couple people. Fell asleep at 10pm last night, woke up early and couldn’t sleep anymore so midus well get up and check it out. Up early, midus well get a run in. Let’s go! Just went for a run in Brisbane. Looking for the Arsenal and FC Barcelona game and found it here at the Pig N’ Whistle. FCB! Just watched the FC Barcelona, Arsenal Champions League game here in the Pig N’ Whistle. FCB 2 nothing, Messi with 2 goals, Arsenal fans, my bad! Barca Barca Barca Baby! I got the Turkish Salami.  So I just picked up some fresh mango juice too along with my Salami. Going to head back to the hotel. I got my breakfast in. I’m not as hungry as I was earlier so I’m good!  Fresh Mango Juice.  Atop of the hostel here in Brisbane, overlooking the skyline.  Right next to the pool. Awesome day, 8:30am in the morning, headed to Gold Coast today. Just had some breakfast at that farmer’s market, it was really good.  We’re here at the manmade beach again.  Walking down, check it out. What is cool is that you don’t got to pay admission to go in here, it’s free.  You just got to dive in, if you want a cabana you might have to pay a little bit.  We need to have more public parks that are unique like this in San Diego.  So I was reading up on this place and it was built in 1988 for an expo and they actually did a whole reconstruction of the South Bank and turned it into this really nice area.  A lot of runners, a lot of bikers.  It’s a really nice, relaxing area for people to go and hang out and just enjoy the day.  Hey, what’s up. It’s a nice warm day out here in Brisbane.  A perfect day to hang out here at the South Bank beach.   Get some water, enjoy the rays, me I like to stay under the shade so I’m staying under the shade while everybody plays out in the beach.  So we’re here at the Plough Inn right by the South Bank next Streets Beach. I got the Triple Cheese Burger right here with an Australian Craft Beer.  It’s pretty expensive, but it looks good.  We’re here at the train station, I’m taking the express train over to Gold Coast.  Stopping over at the Nerang station and hopping a bus to my Airbnb. Gonna hop in and check it out.  We are out here at Surfer’s Paradise, checking it out.   Budd’s beach.  It’s pretty popular on the weekends. My favorite thing about Gold Coast is the beach.






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