Travel Guide to Honolulu, Hawaii | Jaycation Vlog Day 1 + Kona Brewing

In the Third Season of “Jaycation” we start off in USA’s 50th State, Hawaii! That’s right we’re in Honolulu Jaycationers! Mahalo from the biggest city in the Aloha State. Follow Travel Host Jay Jay Maniquis on his first stop on the way to Australia and New Zealand! Find out Travel Tips on Hawaiian Airlines & Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Go shopping in Chinatown at the popular In4mation Store & after grab a bite to eat at Da Hawaiian Poke Company for some of the freshest fish in all of Hawaii. Still thirsty after that delicious meal? Well head over to Kona Brewing Company for a flight of beers then make your way to the Waikiki Night Market and try some Brazilian Hot Cheese Bites & some Taro Green Tea Shaved Ice from the Ice Factory. All desserts to get your taste buds flowing! Enjoy Day one in Honolulu because Day two is even more packed with fun!

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Video Transcript:

What’s up Jaycationers? What’s up Jaycationers. Were here at home about to leave for Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand! We’re on our way to Honolulu Hawaii via Hawaiian Airlines. Travel tip. Weigh your bags before you leave you got to know how much the airlines supply you for weight. and for this flight it’s 50 pounds. Here’s my weigh scale. 38.4 What’s up so we’re on our way to the airport. Maddy and Gelo are going to drop me off. Off to Honolulu. Peace out, Maddy. (Buy me Maui Jim’s) Wow. (See ya Kuya Jay Jay.) Love you Brah. (Love you too.) So we’re going to, there it is right behind me. We’re going to Hawaii. Checked in our bags, 25 Bucks to check-in one bag in Hawaiian.  Just as I said last time we were on the way to New York, they have water filling stations.  So I brought an empty bottle through security which passed. Put it in through here and I have a full bottle of water. You’re supposed to drink 2 bottles of water before you get on the plane to hydrate yourself. Were here at Waikiki Beach.So right behind me is the Hawaiian Airlines Plane. About to board to Honolulu. Got the Ray-Ban’s on matching with the plane! We’re here at gate 51 at terminal 2 of San Diego International Airport. About to board Hawaiian Airlines. Mahalo! Although your seat may have a USB port make sure to charge other devices while waiting for your flight. We’re off! Honolulu here we come, Jaycation 2016 let’s do it.  The great thing about Hawaiian Airlines is that they feed you even though it’s a domestic flight.  Bring a neck pillow and some ear plugs and 6 hours 20 minutes later you’ll be in Honolulu. So we’re here at Honolulu International Airport, just landed going to check out the city. Check out Iolani Palace, grab some grub and head over to kona brewing. Flight was good, took a nap. 6 hours 20 minutes from San Diego to Honolulu. About 80-85 degrees over here. I don’t need this sweater. Trying to find my bags. Of course, you can’t go anywhere in the world without the bucks! Just picked up my rent-a-car, it’s a Hyundai Accent. Didn’t opt for the Beamer over there because I don’t got that type of Uncle Jack money. First I’ve ever seen one of these. Let’s go!  We made it to our first stop, In4mation here in Chinatown in Hawaii. Gonna grab a Hawaii hat.  So what do mainlanders like to take home with them? Well I asked Steven of In4mation.  Definitely like the HI aloha shirts, these guys right here. I think a lot of people want Hawaii gear or stuff that’s Hawaii related so it’s like when they take it back home it’s like no one else really has it. Everyone’s different, they all have their own style. We just came out with these Hydro bags. It’s always like super hot in Hawaii so this is like a really great accessory to have to carry your water bottle, a little compartment to put your phone and stuff. Hikes are amazing out here, you’ve got to stay hydrated. Best drink? Probably those bolo drinks, drink some beer and get messed up. (There you go, Kona Brewing?) Yeah man Kona Brewing is good too. (Cool).  So just got out of In4mation. Picked up this Hawaii snapback.  Right behind me is the statue of King Kamehameha, Hawaii Five-0 is in the house! Bookem Danno, What’s good McGarrett? YEAH! Friday’s, CBS! We’re over here at Iolani Palace walking to the statue of King Kamehameha.  Right behind me is the statue of King Kamehameha. It is made popular from the show Hawaii Five-0 with my boy McGarrett and Danno. Check it out right behind me! So right now we’re checking Iolani Palace. The sun’s right at me, it’s a great shot, awesome time here in Hawaii, it’s about 85 degrees, let’s get back to my car before I get ticketed like I did in Canada! Long plane ride, so we’re here at Da Hawaiian Poke Company. About to try some poke for some pre-dinner because you know I’m a eat more while we’re here.  Shaka! (What’s your name?) Krystina. The week of Thanksgiving is the date that we opened. One of our best poke’s is almost all of our Ahi’s over here on the side. Spicy is the most famous and then the second famous is the Hawaiian Style. It has Inamona which is Roasted Kukui Nut and then one of the two best poke bowl sets that you can get is the Maine lobster California bowl up there and the Shaka Bowl. The lobster bowl, it comes with the spicy lobster, it’s topped with Wasabi Aioli, Daikon Sprouts and Avocado.  And the Shaka Bowl has three different types of Poke. So the Lobster Poke where you try that in the Shaka Bowl, the Spicy Ahi Poke and the Wasabi Poke. What we call Ono in your mouth. Which is, really Ono means delicious right? Bowls come with sides the potato salad, we have Cucumber Kim Chee, Ocean Salad and Quinoa Salad. Just try everything. You can come here and try everything. That’s how you can determine what you what you like. Alright Jaycationers so we’re here at Kona Brewing Company. One of the most famous beers here in all of the Hawaiian Islands. At this visit to Kona Brewing, I enjoyed the Koko Brown the most out of my flight of four and even picked up a shirt from the gift shop. So we’re over here in Starbucks Waikiki.  Finally made our way here.  Had to park like half a mile away.  Hard to find parking here in Waikiki.  Looks like I’ve passed by a little street fair going on here at Waikiki.  It’s crackin’ tonight, a lot of people walking around a nice brisk humid night. So these are the Brazilian Hot Cheese Bites.  I got the Dulce de Leche. Just follow the smell.  Check it out.  Mmhmm Yeah! We’re here at the Snow Factory on Waikiki trying out some Green Tea Taro. This was no joke, THE BEST. Sitting down on the bench here on Waikiki Beach, about to try this green tea taro shaved ice from Snow Factory. I’ve already dug into it, it’s really good.  Here in Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, here at Rainbow Drive-In, chillin’ poolside, Duke’s Waikiki.


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