Jaycation: Rome, Italy

The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful dynasties in World History. Explore with Jay Jay as he visits the most ancient landmarks in all the world. While visiting places like the Vatican & Roman Colisseum, dine with Jay Jay as he looks for the best in Roman Cuisine. Check out places like Bonci, Trapizzino & iporchettoni visited by popular travel hosts Anthony Bourdain & Andrew Zimmer!

Video Transcript:

We made it to Rome, we’re staying at the Smart Hotel. (With the dumb ass guest) This guy is clowning.  He called me a dumb ass. (We’re staying at the Smart Hotel with the dumb ass hotel guest here) By the way it’s fourth of July, USA, USA. The Smart Hotel got it on Amoma for like a $134 bucks right near Termini Station, a five minute walk so it’s easy to get to.  Check it out, USA Baby. We made it to iporchettoni.  This is where Anthony Bourdain got his famous Porchetta.  I ran here, it took about ten minutes to run here from the train station.  (Are you USA?) San Diego, California. (Ah, San Diego, California.  We hope to open a farm of Porchetta in USA) In the Philippines, the country their, their porchetta is called Lechon.  It’s good! After some awesome Porchetta, me and Maddy made our way over to Palatine Hill.  Walking up the hill, you see all the ruins and where the Romans and Trojans and all them hung out.  Right behind me is the Palatine Stadium.  This is where the smaller grounds, other than the Colosseum. Up there is where like the luxury sky box would have been for all the rich people of Rome.  And then on the further side, is what you saw earlier is where the Roman Baths were for everybody that uses this area.  Right behind me is the Forum Grounds and it was basically like the center of the city where different things went on like protests, hangings, a lot of stuff went down.  In the background is the Typewriter Building.  Were here walking into the Roman Colosseum.  Come follow me and get to see where the Gladiators came out and played.  So you see how it’s kind of mayhem in here.  This is what happens if you don’t get your ticket at Palatine Hill, you’ll get that. So I wouldn’t recommend it, going to the Colosseum first.  Since the line was so long, let’s flashback to Fat Jay Jay in 2010.  (Hey Guys, this is Jay Jay from San Diego) What’s going on guys? Were here at the Colosseum chillin out taking in the views, Pran on the camera. (Yo!) This is where Hail Caesar hung out.  Having lunch in front of the Colosseum, actually just having a Peroni. Laying out, check out our view. After a refreshing Peroni in this hot weather, we headed over to the metro over to Bonci’s near the Vatican. At Bonci’s you get nothing but the freshest ingredients in Italy.  These pies may look like a pizza but they’re more like a custom flatbread.  Really good pizza over here, check it out! Got some cola, 13 euro all together. Just know if Anthony Bourdain recommends it, you go!  What’s up Jaycationers, so we’re here walking the Vatican Walls.  Me and Pops have a 3 o’clock appointment. 20 Euro each at the Vatican and to skip these lines, I prefer you do it online too.  So listen to Jay Jay, get your ticket online!  We just got here to the Vatican, just the entry area.  We got the museum, right next to the gardens. We’re gonna cruise around the museum and see what we can find. Hopefully see the Pope! So me and Pops are 45 minutes early but since we booked it online all they had to do is scan our ticket and gave us this and we skipped the long lines outside and we’re going in 45 minutes early.  That’s what you call organization.  (More stairs to climb.) It’s not that bad, baby!  We’re here at Saint Peter’s Basilica.  We’re outside the Vatican right now, this is where the pope holds his mass.  Humongous, there’s Jay Jay there.  Let’s check it out!  That’s where the Pope does all his masses.  We’re here at Trapizzino having dinner. Had to try some of this stuff.  See how it is! Can’t go wrong with any of these trapezoid shaped sandwiches but I would try the Pollo alla cacciatera. I definitely recommend a visit over to Trapizzino.  Saturday night and we are here at the Spanish Steps right behind me. Everybody is just kicking it.  Most of Rome is really quiet, this area not so much.  You just got the steps over here, a bunch of Piazzas, cool stroll down in Roma.  So this may be the last of Rome we’re seeing but it’s cool because we got the steps! Yeah! Unfortunately, Trevi Fountain was closed for renovations but it’s one of the top places to visit when in Rome.  Make sure to throw your coins in the fountain and make a wish.  Had to have one last dosage of Gelato before we left Italy. This is pretty damn good. Caramello.  Yeah! So we’re in Rome about to leave going to Prague.  You’ve been good Italy.  Next on the 2015 season finale of Jaycation, we have some Czech beer, head over to the statues in the Saint Charles bridge and go souvenir shopping. The Jaycation experience has just begun. There’s more to come in 2016 but for now go to onjaycation.com. From Rome, Arrividerci!


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