Jaycation: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a mystical city & the mix of old and new make this city in the Czech Republic a must visit! Any place where beer is cheaper than water is my kind of town! Follow Jay Jay as he roams around Prague trying out traditional Czech food, telling bad jokes and having a great time on the 2015 Season Finale of Jaycation!

Music Credit:
Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/

Video Transcript:

We are off to Prague now. So we’ll see how the Czech’s do it. Rome to Prague is a one hour fifty five minute journey. If you are susceptible to bad impersonations of accents, corny jokes and terrible signing this is your warning! It’s just all in  good fun!  We are in Prague, in Czech Republic.  Just touched down, about to get an airport express.  They have their own currency here so I’m not sure if Euros are going to work. I should of studied this up but we’ll get some money from the ATM if that’s the case.  Hello, this is Jay Jay, I’m from Czech Republic.  This is Mannywa. Manwa.  We’re here in the Czech Republic just walking out our Marriott hotel. Right there. Nice classic hotel, clean.  Pretty classy, now we’re walking in the middle of the street so we can get ran over. We’re in Europa.  Anyways we’re in the Czech Republic, we’re going to go get some, some Czech food.  This is Czech Republic.  Look at the Budweiser, American Pharaoh Bro!  This is the Prague Astronomical clock at the center of the city.  Something’s going to come out of there.  You see the gold cock right there?  It’s time for Jay Jay’s corny Czech joke of the day.  He only knows one.  What do you call a person from Czech Republic mixed with an Australian?  Question, What do you call half Czech, half Australian?  I’m in Czech Republic, What do you call half Czech, Half Australian? Czech Mate! Czech Mate. Czech Mate!  Sorry about that, apparently I’m the only one who thought that was funny. Off to lunch at Mlejnice. We’re over here at a Czech restaurant having a Pilsner Urquell.  Good Stuff.  We are having our first Czech cuisine dinner.  Our only Czech cuisine dinner because we are only her for like less than 24 hours.  But I just finished the light beer, the Pilsner Urquell and now I’ve got the dark beer.  But look at the dinner, you got the meat plate, the grilled mix.  Got chicken, you got beef, you got lettuce, you got everything. We just finished dinner in Mlejnice.  And we’re here by the famous bridge here in Prague, a bunch of statues hang there and there’s a lot of cruises going on right now in the river. I don’t know what this river is called, it’s probably called the Czech river!  (You’re stupid)  You know what they say in Prague,  Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.  This is the bridge over troubled water.  Sup guys so were on the famous bridge here in Prague with all the statues. Check it out right here. Nice little tourist area.  (Singing) It’s a bridge over troubled water. At the end of the bridge the scent of Trdlo bread was intoxicating.  Oh that looks good. Hello. Hello.  What is that?  This is sweet bread. Caramel, Vanilla, Almonds together.  Can we have for two?  So this is the famous Czech Staroceske. It’s like a whirling dervish of heaven in your mouth.  This is famous Czech cinnabon.  Pssh cinnabon.  What the heck, let’s taste it! Cinnabon! On the stroll back across the Charles Bridge, take a moment to enjoy the talented street musicians.  On the walk back to Old Town Prague, go souvenir shopping and check out some creepy Marrionette dolls or some Russian wooden dolls that are customized to your favorite celebrity or sports team.  Look what Jay Jay got.  Philip Rivers. Yeah! Bolt up!  The perfect souvenir for my office.  So right in front of the famous clock tower is another starbucks.  I got my free Cappuccino but over here they only have Prague.  They have Prague and Czech Republic so you might want to go to the one at the Palladium.  I hate to get rid of all the magic here but there’s a street artist here doing one of those levitation things. I’ll show you exactly how he’s doing it.  So if you look carefully, zoom into the hand.  Look closer, the hands not real. The hand is part of that stick.  This guy is sitting on something sturdy enough to keep him floating.  Like a butterfly. Yo!  Last night in Prague, just got some fried cheese and sausage as you come across this stuff.  And it’s a pretty chill city but there’s a lot of people walking around in some main parts.  But, last night here, I’ve enjoyed my two weeks here in Europe, it’s felt like a lot longer than that. I think I got it out of my system for at least the next Jaycation. There’s no place better in Prague than an Irish Pub to celebrate our final night in Europe with some fellow Americans.  Final night in Prague, we’re watching the US Women’s soccer team whoop the crap out of Japan here in Prague at an Irish Bar. Me and Maddy. It’s hot as sh$t! We’re watching! USA BABY!  USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!  We’re in Prague, USA, World Cup 2015 Women’s Champion. USA, USA, WOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Well I better get out of Prague before I get in trouble.  I’m ready to go home, USA here I come!  Well that will do it for the season finale of Jaycation.  Thanks for watching, there’s plenty more to come in 2016! From Prague, Sbohem  or Goodbye.


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