Jaycation: Pisa & Cinque Terre, Italy


Many hear of the fancy & glamorous French Riviera where the wealthy go to gamble & party on Mega-Yachts. But in the Italian Riviera, it’s just as beautiful & more relaxed with a small town Italian feel. If you’re staying in Florence & looking for fun day trips, follow me as I guide you through Pisa & the five towns of Cinque Terre. We go on a train ride & clear up any confusion you might have when it comes to booking train tickets to this quaint & breathtaking part of Tuscany! Get your walking shoes ready, were going on a hike!

Video Transcript:

Sup guys. We are on our way to Cinque Terre via Pisa and La Spezia. Got our Trenitalia tickets at the automated booth for 8 euro 10. We’re gonna stop at Pisa first for about an hour and after that we’re gonna go to La Spezia and off to Cinque Terre. Long hiking day today, let’s do it!  We’re here at the leaning tower of Pisa.  Right up behind me, there it is.  The leaning tower of Pisa is about a 20 minute walk from the train station.  So if you’re short on time make sure you grab a taxi or find a bus to get you there.  The leaning tower of Pisa, what’s up?  Quick trip, we’re supposed to get on the 8:25am but I don’t think we’re going to make it.  It’s 20 minutes away so oh well.  If you’re taking a day trip to Cinque Terre from either Pisa or Florence make sure you just buy a train ticket to La Spezia.  At the train station go to this office and purchase an all-day Cinque Terre Point pass for 12 euro which will get you there and back.  Off to Cinque Terre. We’re on our first stop here in Cinque Terre, outside is Riomaggiore.  Headed over to Monterroso first.  We’re staying on the train for a few more stops. We’re here in Monterroso in the Cinque Terre, the beach is poppin’ So many tourists around. It’s hot but it’s not really crazy. So we’re going to start our hike, try to find some food and check out the white wine and the white sauce region of Italia.  At Bar Midi in Monterroso we snacked on Pesto Lasagna while I had a beer and Maddy had a local white wine.  After lunch we embarked on an hour and a half scenic hike to Vernazza. Make sure you have your all-day Cinque Terre pass handy as they check them on the trails.  Maddy had no idea what he was in for.  Sup Maddy? What’s wrong man?  (Nothing)  Let’s go, walking the trail from Monterroso to Vernazza.  Up and down, up and down but it’s all good!  It’s all good! (It’s all good) So we’re here hiking up Cinque Terre, Maddy is Struggling.  We’re almost to Vernazza, just bring it. JUST BRING IT!  This guy, Boots to Asses! (That’s my ass right there)  Get your walking shoes ready, it’s a long hike.  We are looking at Vernazza after an hour and a half hike and Maddy is here.  (No Sweat)  Yeah Right! Vernazza after a 2 hour hike. Whats up!  Yeaah! Going down the steps to Vernazza. (Good Luck)  Great view from atop, look at that.  Made it all the way to Vernazza after 2 and a half hours.  Pops is working it. Great view over here, I’d kind of cheat this trail and just climb up at the end of it just to see the views and then come back down!  Maddy should be proud he made it through a long and grueling hike.  Since Maddy was pretty much spent for the day, we skipped Corniglia and took a regional train over to Manarola.  When using the regional trains in Cinque Terre make sure you check the train schedule. Also remember to Validate your ticket before hopping onto any train.  Manarola is one of the more relaxed towns in Cinque Terre.  We’re here in Manarola, the fourth town in Cinque Terre. Behind me all the kids are hanging out, jumping off rocks, trying not to break their heads. It’s nice and cool out here, a lot more chill than the other places.  In Italy, nothing quenches your thirst more than an orange Fanta.  We’re here in Manarola about to go to Riomaggiore.  I’m really tempted to do the Justin Timberlake, Bye Bye Bye N’SYNC jumping on a train but we won’t do that today.  After a long day of hiking and a two and a half hour long train ride back to Florence, we treated ourselves to a great dinner at Trattoria 13 Gobbi.  (This is good steak.) Got the Florentine Steak, the lemon and the bread and some Rigatoni. We’re about to go to town! After a delicious and filling dinner we took one last walk around Florence and enjoyed a nice moonlight stroll on a warm night in Tuscany.  Next on Jaycation we visit Rome.  We roam around the Colisseum, pay a visit to Vatican City and search the city for some delicious Roman Cuisine.  There’s plenty more Jaycation to come so make sure you SUBSCRIBE and Follow me on Social Media!  See you in Rome, Arrivaderci Jaycationers!




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