Jaycation: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Join Travel Host Jay Jay Maniquis as he travels to Monaco in one of the most luxurious ways possible… by sea on a boat! Follow him as he roams through the streets of the famous Monaco Grand Prix, doubles down in front of the Casino Monte Carlo and finds some great cuisine. Find out how you can make a day trip to Monaco affordable and fun!

Song References:

Court of the Queen – Music to Delight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100728
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Video Transcript:

We’re headed over to Monaco, to Monte Carlo. Hey Maddy (What’s up) Sup man? (Alright man) Dressed up a little bit today, got my Top Shop on.  Maddy got his Charlie Harper on, look at the socks.  Look at the socks! Look at the socks! Haha! He’s got socks on with his boat shoes hah! The walkway of the English on the beautiful background of Nice and we’re trying to get to the port so we catch our little boat excursion to Monaco. Me and Maddy had to hustle a little bit to get on our Nice, Trans Cote D’Azur 37 euro round trip.  There’s the boat where getting on. Just to see how it is to pull up in Monaco on a Yacht, on a boat.  We’re on a boat!  So we’re on the Trans Cote d’Azur boat about to go to Monaco and Pops is inside.  We’re headed over to the Casino Monte Carlo and we’re going to check out all the sites over there. Home of the Monaco Grand Prix and to our back is Nice, France, the Cote d’Azur.  So we’re almost in Monaco, about to turn the corner. On the journey, you will encounter scenic views of the town called Eze and helicopters hovering around you once you approach Monaco.  40 minutes from Nice. We’re pulling up to the post of Monaco, with Maddy.  (Hey Guys!) Check it out guys.  This is the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco.  On approach to the Port de Fontvielle where our boat docks.  Maddy and I just got off the boat and check it out, the scenery is awesome. Monaco is a Yacht paradise. Hey, this is the snells yacht right here. Haha. Jack, Nice! So we’re in Monaco, found the Starbucks just around the corner. Follow me inside, let’s go find the mug.  (I didn’t realize Monaco is a country) There we go, we got Monaco mugs right here.  They even got Marseille.  Monaco mug right here, its got a picture of the palace that’s right in front of us, we saw it on the way in. So Pops and I are walking to the Monte Carlo Casino. Right behind us is a church of all things.  Making our way up a hill. We’re here in Monaco, the Monaco flag. Check it out.  Great view of Monaco, Sup Maddy?  (Tired) We off to the casino, this guy’s tired.  This guys tired, he haven’t even started yet man.  (We climbed a hill!) We ain’t even got started.  Macarons from Laduree are some of the best desserts that the French have to offer.  They maybe pricey but they’re well worth it.  What’s up guys, we’re out here in front of the Casino Monte Carlo.  Right across the street of the Main entrance.  A bunch of Lambourgini’s and Ferrari’s pulling up.   So we’re here at the Office de Turisme of Monaco. One little tip, if you want to have a pretty neat passport stamp of Monaco just go over here it’s right in front of the Monte Carlo Casino up the hill and you get your stamp from the Monaco region.  Pretty cool and it costs zero dollars.  Zero euro. We we’re at Il Terrazzino. I got the Ravioli and the parmesan is coming.  This place in Monaco is pretty good, I found it at TripAdvisor.  What you have? The Anitpasta? (Yup) You got the two course meal for 19,95. I got, it’s almost gone but the Ravioli. Just killing the parmesan, good stuff.  AS Monaco FC is Monaco’s professional soccer team and they play at Louis the second stadium.  Near the finish line of the Monaco Grand Prix, Maddy found this robot made of gas barrels.  What is he holding? We’re here over at the Monaco bar having a beer. Affligem. Good beer, refreshing.  After all that walking we were exhausted so we boarded our boat back to Nice.  Orangina has to be the best drink that the French ever made.  Mega-Yachts were everywhere on the way back.  Yo, so we’re back from Monaco and we’re in Nice.  And that’s where we’ll continue on. We will cruise around Nice Market, check out the views of Castle Hill and lounge out by the beach on the next Jaycation. If you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube Channel please do so now. And finally watch my Marseille Vlog and follow me on Social Media.  Au Revior!


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