Jaycation: Marseille, France

The second largest metropolitan city in France has a lot to offer. Although Marseille gets a bad rap from a lot of people, this city in the South of France is unique in it’s own way. With a central Vieux Port in the heart of the city, Marseille produces some of the finest seafood on the Mediterranean. Explore Marseille with Travel Host Jay Jay Maniquis as he & his Dad have 6 hours to eat, explore and discover what Marseille has to offer!

Website Links:
Airport Shuttle: http://www.marseille-airport.com/access-car-parks/access/shuttle-buses/marseille-station-centre

Les Echevins TripAdvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g187253-d5594189-Reviews-Les_echevins-Marseille_Bouches_du_Rhone_Provence.html

Video Transcription:
Leaving Barcelona, The Best City in the World. Off to France! Marseille, here we come!

Welcome to the region of Provence, France.

Just Landed in Marseille, Maddy’s in France! Put that on the Bucket List.

Maddy: “Oui, Oui.”

King of the North! Yah! We’re in Marseille, going to grab the bags and head to the city center. You can take a shuttle for 8 euro over here so we’re going to the city center, drop off our bags at the train station and have some lunch.

So we got our bags, I was just worried about searching for a Starbucks in Marseille City but no need, Starbucks at the airport! Going to cop the mug now.

And there it is, and they got Lyon! …YES! So Marseille Airport has France, Marseille, little expresso mugs and Lyon. That’s freaking awesome, I don’t have to go on a search for it now.

The airport shuttle to the city center of Marseille will take you about 25 minutes and will cost you 8 euro. Visit the airport website Marseille.aeroport.fr to book your shuttle in advance.

We’re in Marseille at the train station (Gare de Marseille Saint Charles) and we’re going to leave our bags here for a couple of hours and then go have some lunch and check out Notre Dame de la Garde. Got to drop the bags off real quick. It’s over this way so come follow me…. KING OF THE NORTH!

We’re looking for the subway Brah.

Maddy: To go where?

To go to the Vieux Port.

Me and Pops are here in Marseille looking around, check out the Vieux Port. Were going to walk over this way and go kick it.

Hey Maddy.

Maddy: We’re in Francois.

We are in Les Echevins right now and having red wine, were here for lunch. Go it off of TripAdvisor, they rated it high so I figured we’d try it out and we’re going to check out Notre Dame de la Garde after. So we got our Appetizers, I got the squid with a little salad and some bread. Maddy got the Chicken Caesar Salad. First meal in France, Bon a petit!

So our main course just came in and we got this off of Trip Advisor so we get 20% off and it’s like a course deal. I have the Risotto with Shrimp and some squid and maybe some scallops.

And Maddy got the… what did you get Maddy?

Maddy: Steak, beef with french fries and a little bit of salad.

Looks Good!

Alot of French Restaurants have English translated menus.

First French meal, Fantastic!

Maddy: We have leftovers.

We’ve got leftovers for the hotel. Restaurant Les Echevins, I recommend it, it’s like off the beaten path corner. Away from the tourist traps (It’s reasonable). TripAdvisor gives you 20 percent off and the bill wasn’t bad at all so try it out!

Were here at the Vieux Port, Center of the city of Marseille. I just had a great lunch, I’m about five pounds heavier now and check out all the yachts. Marseille is a big seafood town so alot of food here is very fresh. I had some of the most fresh squid I’ve ever had. So let’s go explore!

There’s the little Petit Train (Les petits trains de Marseille). A round trip to Notre Dame de la Garde on the Les Petit Train will cost you about 8 euro and take about 3 hours. So me and Maddy are on the Les Petit Train to go to Notre Dame de la Garde which is featured on the Starbucks mug. Found it at the airport, don’t have to look for one in town.

We’re up at the top of the hill overlooking the city of Marseille with Maddy.

We’re here at Notre Dame de la Garde, look at the view of Marseille from here and the French Riviera right there, turn around up to the Notre Dame de la Garde. Very beautiful scenery.

After a quick photo op it was back down the hill to the Vieux Port. The les Petit Train leaves every 20 minutes from the exact same spot (at Notre Dame de la Garde parking lot).

So we were here for about 4 and a half hours and we utilized our time right. Had a great lunch, went to the Vieux Port, took the le Petit Train up to Notre Dame de la Garde and now were back and got some Marseille Soap.

Maddy: For you Mom.

For Mother.

Well it’s Au Revoir from Marseille. Next on Jaycation, we take a boat ride over to Monaco. We visit the famous Monte Carlo Casino and check out the streets of the famous (Monaco) Grand Prix.

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