Jaycation: Florence, Italy

When most travelers plan their first trip to Italy, most view Florence as the third city behind Rome & Venice. After that initial trip, most tend to favor Florence for it’s great, naturally grown food & beauty that the Reniassance era brought upon this walkable city. If you’ve never been to Florence, imagine a city filled with clay tiled roof buildings & a place where it’s normal for people to be outside at night, young & old enjoying the moonlight & cooler temperatures in the Summertime.

Music Credits:
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Video Transcript:

What’s up guys? So we’re leaving Cote D’Azur, going to Italia. Flying into Rome, taking a train to Firenze and we’ll see you there.  Trust me, beware of hidden airline fees.  We’re here in Italy, we are in Rome.  Just landed at the smaller airport, taking the Terravision Bus which is 4 euro to Termini Station and then head over to Florence.  See ya then. We’re in Termini Station, What’s up? (Hey! On the way to Florence.) This guy is the selfie king.  Taking the Trenitalia over to Florence, an hour and 20 minutes.  We’re on the train over to Firenze.  After about an hour and a half journey, we arrived in Florence, Italy.  So we’re here in Florence, it is freaking hot.  I’m guessing it’s about 100 degrees out here.  Anyways we just went to our Airbnb which is only a 118 bucks for two nights.  We’re going to have some sandwiches and some gelato in a little bit.  There’s Maddy right there doing selfies and stuff.  Check out a little corner but then you turn it and there’s the Duomo. So right behind me is the Duomo, we just turned the corner and we’re returned. The last time I was at the Duomo was my first time here in Florence.  Quick whirlwind 12 hour tour. Me and Justin Lim hit it up, did our little pose but back then I was like 30 pounds heavier. Just Bring it! We’re here at La Prosciutteria, there’s Maddy. About to have some sandwiches, have some wine, sweating cause it’s hot.  This establishment prides itself in having the freshest and best ingredients in all of Tuscany.  I got myself an Italian Beer, the Peroni.  Proscuitto Sandwich, it’s my first bite at it.  That meat is something else, mmhm YES!  We just finished the fantastic sandwich and were about to have some Gelateria dei Neri.  Let’s see what they got. Mark my words.  THE BEST GELATO IN FLORENCE. (1 Nutella) There are plenty of random Gelato spots around town but this places has the best prices and the tastiest gelato I’ve ever had.  (Grazie!)   (Thank you very much) Thank you! Right behind me is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, it is the most famous bridge here in Florence.  Just walking across the river.  There’s Maddy, just had some fantastico Gelato!  The walk up to Piazza Michelangelo is not as bad as Nice right?  (Almost)  At least we’re in the shade and it’s 6 at night.  It’s still in the 90s.  We’re up top here in Florence, check it out!  You can see the clay roofs.  We’re looking right at the the skyline of Florence and it’s a sight to see! It’s the most beautiful thing in the world! This is probably the highest viewpoint you can get in all of Florence.  You can see all the beautiful clay roofs, it’s a nice sunny day.  Come here later in the evening when it cools off. It’s still 90 degrees but there’s a nice wind and it feels good out here.  Lots of tourists but you can take your time up the steps and have a good time.  Hey guys so we’re on the other side of the river looking over at the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.  So me and Maddy are on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.  Sup Bruh! The real statue of David can be found at the Accademia Gallery in Florence. This is a youth orchestra performing for the public.  Steps away is the Piazza della Repubblica which I also visited in 2010.  You can go shopping and also do some people watching while there.  For dinner we headed to Hosteria da Ganino a quaint place that I visited almost five years ago in the small corner of Piazza di Cimatori.  There we met some friends from back home for dinner.  This is the Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Delicious! Sup? That looks good. (Look at this.) Sup Rick. This is Ricky and Abbie.  All the way from SD.  (Eat the steak!)  We’re here in Florence, Italy right now and we’re eating some Florentine Steak.  Justin Lim. How’s that Florentine Steak?  Chris man, how’s that steak man? ( It’s fantastic, I just murdered the wine.)  Murdered it.  I just murdered a freaking cow dude.  Thank you. Florentine Steak.  Whether it’s 2010 or 5 years later, Osteria da Ganino still delivers one of the best meals in Florence.  Next on Jaycation, we take a train ride over to Pisa and over to Cinque Terre. We go on a scenic hike and head back to Florence for some more steak.  If you like what you’re seeing, please follow me on social media and subscribe to my youtube channel. Arrivaderci Jaycationers!



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